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History of the Comfort Care Room

On October 17, 2012 John and Agnes Teal lost their daughter Genevieve “Jenny Lou” Teal Halko to breast cancer.   Jenny was admitted to the hospital and the family wanted to remain close to say their good-byes and make sure that Jenny had someone there all the time.  The family actually had to use two rooms.  The first room remained quiet where Jenny was surrounded by her loved ones.  The second room was where her huge boisterous family reminisced about past and present days with Jenny.

            When Jenny passed away her parents came to Friends of Lewis County Hospice and asked if there was a place within the hospital where terminally ill patients could experience their last days in privacy with family members, a place where the family could watch videos with their loved one, play music, eat, reminisce, or sleep over, so the patient and family could experience end of life the same way they had with Jenny; a place that could be made homier than a sterile hospital room.    FOLCH talked to LCGH administration and the room at the end of the East Wing in the hospital became known as the Comfort Care Room.   The Teal Family donated a sum of money to FOLCH to get the ball rolling and FOLCH has a restricted fund within their organization that is exclusively used for maintaining the Comfort Care Room.   The fund has provided meals for the family, furniture, curtains, comforters, TV and DVD player, stereo and other items for the room, all of which help to make it a very peaceful and tranquil place for the family.  The room was dedicated and a plaque placed outside the room calling it the “Jenny Teal Halko” room.

            Recently Friends of Lewis County Hospice used their Comfort Care monies to purchase new comforters, tablecloths and valances for the room.  They have supplied a flower arrangement, new stereo system and a basket of supplies for guests to use.

Anyone interested in donating towards the Comfort Care Room please contact Friends of Lewis County Hospice treasurer, Linda Noftsier, at 315-493-1358 or


Hospice Informational Programs

Is it time to think and talk about our expectations, anticipations, feelings and thoughts surrounding the final stages of life?

Is there a special person in your life grieving a death, a divorce or loss of career, and are you looking for ways to help?

Do you have questions about Hospice and its services for those of us living here in Lewis County?

Do you have questions about Friends of Lewis County Hospice and their role regarding Lewis County Hospice? 

Then it is time to invite one of the Hospice professional staff or trained professional volunteers to your club, organization, school or church group to speak about these and other important questions surrounding the final stages of our lives. 

 Contact Lewis County Hospice to find out more about our informational programs:  Grief and Bereavement, Children and Grief, Spiritual Issues at the End of Life, composing a Spiritual Will and Hospice:  What is it? and How does it work?  All these programs are available in a single session.

            All materials and presenters are provided free of charge by Lewis County Hospice and Friends of Lewis County Hospice. 





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