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Donations Are Essential to Lewis County

Hospice Donations are very important in a small community such as ours. Our services and care of the terminally ill would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, so please do consider making a donation to Friends of Lewis County Hospice.

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance providers cover some of the costs of Hospice services, but we must count on our supportive community to help make up the difference.

Gifts can be made in memory of, or simply in honor of, a loved one. General donations are, of course, accepted, and all donations to charity are tax deductible. Planned gifts through an estate, will, or trust are all accepted and appreciated. If you do not wish to use the online form below, donations can be mailed to Friends of Lewis County Hospice, PO Box 266, Lowville, NY 13367.

Your entire contribution will go directly toward patient care.

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Friends Forever Fund

The Friends Forever Fund has been established with the goal of building an endowment fund so that Hospice will be available for generations to come. This restricted fund will not be used for annual operational expenses. The Friends Forever Fund gratefully accepts donations of $1000.00 or more. Smaller donations to Hospice are very much appreciated and will continue to be used for conventional operational expenses.

The Friends Forever Fund also recognizes that many people would like to give a substantial amount to Hospice in Lewis County but are not in a position to do so today. Many people would prefer to set up a way to give more at a later time in their lives, or after they have passed away. Friends Forever Fund therefore will accept deferred gifts, such as bequests in any amount. While bequests are the simplest and most common way to give a planned gift, other opportunities include: naming Friends of Lewis County Hospice as a life insurance beneficiary; gifts of appreciated securities; real estate; heirlooms; pension plans of IRA's; trusts or annuities. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor, attorney or financial planner to discuss the best method for you in your personal situation.

For more information please email Linda Noftsier (

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