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Friends of Lewis County Hospice

Friends of Lewis County Hospice Presents Certificate and Memorial Stone to T.F Wright

An award was presented to Tina Ainsworth and Bill Wright (owner) of T.F. Wright in recognition of their service to Friends of Lewis County Hospice.  Their organization has been creating stones for the Hospice Memorial Garden since 2005.  As a token of our appreciation, a stone will be placed in the garden in their honor in recognition of their service and talents.


(Pictured from left to right – Bill Wright, Tina Ainsworth and Mary Ingersoll)

The Award/Certificate states:

"T. F. Wright and its talented employees have served FOLCH since 2005 by creating the Memorial Stones for the Hospice Memorial Garden.  You have contributed to the beauty of the garden with the stones that honor the loved ones of our grieving families.  All who enter the garden appreciate your professionalism and care in honoring their loved ones.  Thank you!"